Basically, my thoughts on SP How’s article and sermon (sermon: 2jan16)

Link to article :

In life, (especially near my birthdays or Christmas) I would want so so many things. Living a life of contentment is not adding (getting more of what you want) but subtracting (want things less) and that is very true. Be honest, if you get more and more of what you want, new trends, latest gadgets will come up and you would want more and more and the cycle never ends.

My birthday is near but I decided to not write “things i want” list cause I decided to live a life of simplicity. It would be a little hard to get used to but thats what this whole new year is about right? At the start of the year, its always the best time to think who do I want to be at the end of the year? I want to be a person of simplicity, I want to feel productive, and try many many new things by the end of the year. When was your last time trying things for the first time? Experience. Try new things, we have a whole lifetime to do it.


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